For The Love Of Grandparents
Providence is celebrating Grandparents’ Day
on Sunday, September 8, 2019, presented by Rexall,
to raise awareness of how important
grandparents and grandchildren are to us all.

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All donations for this campaign will be MATCHED
dollar-for-dollar by Rexall. Donations help support
essential programs at Providence Healthcare.

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Grandparents’ Day

You can raise awareness of how important grandparents and grandchildren are to us all.

It’s a great way to demonstrate how much:

✔️ your grandparents mean to you
✔️ you value your parents being grandparents to your children
✔️ you appreciate your children and grandchildren

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We'd Love To Hear YOUR Story!

Share your story and/or photo of what your grandparent(s) mean to you by:

1) Sharing your story via this web form
2) Posting on our Facebook page with the #WeLoveGrandparents hashtag or
3) Emailing us at

Scroll down to read some inspiring stories from our community!

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Inspiring Stories About Why #WeLoveGrandparents


Thomas Craig’s Story

Thomas Craig plays Inspector Brackenreid on the hit TV show Murdoch Mysteries. He took the time to share why his grandparents are important to him.

Watch Thomas’s video here.

Thomas Craig

Thomas Craig


Shireen Ali’s Story

"I got to fulfill a very special wish to my grandfather at Providence Healthcare. The Palliative Care Team made it possible for me to perform a special dance for him in the Solarium. It was the first time I officially performed live. It was a Bollywood dance and I invited other patients and families to “my mini show” to watch. It was my way of giving back to others and lifting their spirits. But I got back so much more that day,” Shireen said.

Watch Shireen’s video here.

Shireen Ali

Shireen Ali


Cristina Stuart's Story

"I had a very close relationship with my grandparents my entire life. Not only did I live with them, but they were truly like second parents to me. They taught me just how important family is. Hearing stories of their adventures growing up in Portugal and immigrating to Canada were so powerful. I never took for granted their love because I knew that everything they did was to give their family an opportunity at a better life. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them,” Cristina said.

Cristina and her grandfather

Cristina and her grandfather

Cristina and her grandmother

Cristina and her grandmother


Ashley Mayhew’s Story

“My fondest memories with my Nonna were when we would be working together, side-by-side. She taught me the importance of working hard, which sometimes meant rolling up your sleeves getting your hands a little dirty. Whether we were elbow deep in bread dough or weeding the garden I loved being her side-kick. I was always excited to watch and learn, while she was patient and a willing teacher. I’m so grateful for her love and support. My work ethic today is largely attributed to the lessons she taught me then,” Ashley said.

Ashley and her Nonna

Ashley and her Nonna


Marc and Winnifred’s Story

Marc was adopted and raised by his grandmother Winnifred. When asked to describe his grandmother Marc said, “She is my Wonder Woman. She’s my grandmother and my mother all rolled into one. She’s strong. She’s my protector. She’s my everything. We’ll come through this together.”

Read Marc and Winnifred's story here.

Marc and Winnifred

Marc and Winnifred


Dorothy Scott’s Story

"My fondest memories of Granny [Dorothy Scott] are about music. She was an accomplished pianist and taught music for the Ottawa School Board. I loved music, but studied classical guitar rather than piano. Granny taught me musical theory and I lapped it up. And we’d sing. The entire family was musical, so there was always a large group at family gatherings either singing along with me or Granny or both of us."

Read Dorothy’s story here.

Dorothy Scott

Dorothy Scott



Past Events

Read all about our past Grandparents’ Day events here.

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